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29 décembre 2010










 Morocco as a growing country, is now seeking democracy and equality,to some extent,gives it’s people the right to express their opinions and pullout their rights using different technics and methods,either by peace or by violence,like what happens near our parliament in Rabat.

 The current circumstance in Laayoun in the west of morocco seems in it’s surface as a loyal struggle between people looking for their rights of living in better conditions and finding jobs on one hand,and moroccan authorities which deprive them from their rights and deny their human needs,on the other one.This is actually what the matter is shown as,but what makes the difference in this is the way each one uses to deliver and show his needs.In Rabat,when jobless people try to make their voices heard and show to the public what they really need and what they suffer from,the first thing they see and they have to deal with and endure is the agression of the long queue of carps and auxiliary forces’ members.Despite that, they make their voices heard in a way or an other in a civilized way.

 In Laayoun more than 11 people representing moroccan authority were killed.Some members of auxiliary forces were slayed,other carps were burnt,and the rest were stoned.This in fact has nothing to do with the peace and indulgence we live in in morocco.If so,we may conclude that what happened in Laayoun has nothing to do with a strike to pullout some loyal rights,or with an anger of civilized people seeking their human rights.

 If we analyse the cause in it’s deep details, we observe with no ambiguity that the bloody events which took place in Laayoun incarnate a certain conspiracy in the top of brutality planned by some countries around,and executed by extremist POLISARIO members ready to burn or bomb the whole coutry and kill it’s citizens just to express their needs and ask for their illusive rights.


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01 décembre 2010

"Writing" Club Ilham KALOUCHE


Licence Professionnel


Languages I can speak and things I can do :

writing based on answers of comprehension questions:

Personally, I speak Arabic and French fluently, besides other foreign languages that i speak with some difficulties as well as in writing than in oral like in Spanish and German languages. In fact, I could count easily to hundred both in English and Spanish languages, moreover I can say backwards in such languages.


Concerning my activities in my free time, I like reading scientific magazines , listening to slow music and learning much about information science above all computer programming.


I like singing as well as drawing .I can swim 2 meters without stop  in five minutes also i can jump one meter of high easily.


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28 novembre 2010

Classroom Handouts : Documents

Archives : Documents

e-books :

1: Human Rights in Brief



International e-pals : friends via the internet



My School Day :I'm never late for school



A Pakistani Family in the States



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27 novembre 2010

What is FEDE ?

FEDE is ...  FEDE___logo_noir

An international Non Governmental Organisation with a participatory status in the European Council (le conseil Européenne)

This term designates (يدل على) non-profit organisations which are not directly or structurally part of the government.
An International Non Governmental Organisation (INGO)
  represents (تمثل) civil society, that is, a non-profit institution, freely constituted (تشكل بكل حرية), independent of politics and public administration, whose aim is neither conquest (غزو) nor exercise of political power, but whose vocation( desire) is to defend the interests of citizens, and to influence (تؤثر ايجابيا على) the decision making process (عملية صناعة القرار).

The European Council is the only institution which expressly recognises (تعترف ب) civil society, guarantees (تضمن) liberty of expression (حرية التعبير) and the liberty of association (حرية انشاء الجمعيات), two essential components  (عنصرين اساسيان)of democracy. 
Aware of their influence, the European Council gives international NGOs (INGO) the possibility of acquiring a participatory status, (اكتساب دور تشاركي) such as that of the European Federation of Schools (FEDE).

Structure and functioning  البنية والوظائف

Three bodies assure the good functioning of the European Federation of Schools  (FEDE)

  • The      General Assembly ( الجمع العام)  which meets annually
  • The      Committee (اللجنة الساهرة على التقرير وصناعة القرار داخلة المؤسسة)
  • The      Executive Council (المجلس التنفيذي)

The European Federation of Schools through their presidents

April 9 1963 : Creation of FEPE (Federation of European Private Schools) 

The FEPE is created by 30 schools in Barcelona (Spain)

First President :

Jean MORET, Director of the Florimont Institute in Geneva (Switzerland). 1963-1964. His presidency was very short because he joined the priesthood in 1964, he became a Benedictine monk and retired to the Abbey of Einsielden (Switzerland).

Subsequent Presidents :

Maurice MOREAU – Switzerland – 1965-1968
René DUPUIS – Switerland – 1969-1972
Jésus LOPEZ MEDEL – Spain – 1973-1977

October 31 1977: The FEPE becomes The FEDE: European Federation of Schools . 

Presidents :

Helmut FREUND – Germany – 1978-1982
Gaston DUTILLEUL – France – 1982-1993
Felipe SEGOVIA OLMO – Spain – 1993-1999
Edouard JAGODNIK – France – since 1999 


Significant events which have affected the FEDE, from 1998 to the present day


Creation of a professional FEDE structure.  Rental of a small office in a Business Centre in Lyon.  Recruitment of 2 permanent workers


Publication of the first edition of the General Exam Guide 
- Implementation of ECTS  =
credits are awarded for students who have successfully completed their studies, (منح تقدم للناجحين).
- Development of the Diploma Supplement ( تطوير كل ما من شأنه الإسهام في دعم شواهد وديبلومات المؤسسة)


The team grows:  move to independent premises at 9 quai Tilsitt in Lyon.


Publication of the first edition of ( الطبعة الأولى لكتاب) “Enjeux et Rouages de l’Europe actuelle” (“Challenges and Mechanisms in Modern Europe”)


Publication of the first edition of “Entreprises, concurrence et Europe” (“Companies, Competition and Europe”)

IACBE, American accreditation organization validates FEDE diplomas


First edtion of "Citoyenneté Démocratique et Droits de l’homme" (“Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights”)  for the secondary education audience.
The General Meeting of Directors vote for the restructuration of FEDE (European Federation of Schools) :
-  The creation of the EUROPA EDUCATION foundation
-  Creation of  the FEDUCA Ltd.  Putting into place of Quality Controls in FEDE Examination Centres 


FEDUCA launches a wide overhaul of existing exams and starts the development of range of FEDE exams.


Activity increases:  Move to 5, rue Sala in Lyon. The premises at 9 quai Tilsitt are kept on for logistics concerning the organization of exams
Development by FEDUCA of the first two e-learning products for FEDE (UCA1 and A2)
Launch of a marketing plan by FEDUCA
FEDUCA creates the partner company E Learning : FEDUCA ONLINE
Edouard JAGODNIK, President of the European Federation of Schools (FEDE), is elected President the “Commission for Culture, Science and Education”  for the Conference of INGOs given a participative statute in the European Council.


Launch of Leonardo Youth Mobility Scholarships.(اطلاق المنح الدراسية "ليوناردو" لحركية الشباب)

51 mobility scholarships are granted by the European Commission via The European Education and Training Agency France.

Release of PREPA DEES

Two years of preparatory training for DEES (European Higher Studies Diploma) 

Opening of a virtual document resource(افتتاح مكتبة وهمية او رقميمة لفائدة الطلبة)

The European Federation of Schools (FEDE) and CYBERLIBRIS, virtual library, signed a contract allowing members schools to benefit from a virtual document resource for their students at an attractively negotiated price.

The FEDE and Europe

The European Federation of Schools is at the heart of a European mechanism for education.

Since its creation, The European Federation of Schools (FEDE) has been dedicated to the promotion and application of Fundamental Educational Rights and the development of a genuine European Space for higher Education.

Its presence at the heart of European Institutions has allowed it to fulfil its vocation and pursue its objectives on a multinational level.

The FEDE and the European Council

The European Federation of Schools (FEDE) has a participatory status in the European Council (previously consultative) since 1985.
This status is granted to INGOs (International Non Governmental Organisations) which are particularly representative within their field of expertise on a European level and who by their activities are able to support the actions of the European Council and to transmit their activities to European citizens.

To this date 400 European INGOs have been given this statute.

The resulting cooperation of this statute takes numerous forms, from consultation to a real cooperation in specific projects.

Collectively all INGOs allocated a participative statute form the “Conference of INGOs“ which meets four times per year in Strasbourg, at the Palais de l’Europe.
The activities of this Conference are organized in themed Commissions and transversal groups..
The Commission “Culture, Sciences and Education” and the Commission “Human Rights” are the two commissions that encompass the majority of the objectives and missions of the FEDE (European Federation of Schools ).
The Commission “Culture, Sciences and Education“ is presided by Edouard JAGODNIK (President of the European Federation of Schools ) since October 2008 for a period of three years.
This function allows the FEDE to be directly at the heart of a European body concerning education and represents a strong asset in its work in terms of information, knowledge, involvement, exchanges, etc...

Working themes created by the Commission "Culture, Sciences and Education" :

  • Education      towards democratic citizenship and human rights
  • Education      and health
  • Multi-perspective      history teaching
  • The      profession of the teacher in the 21st century
  • Higher      Education in Europe
  • The      inclusive dimension of education
  • Access      to digital media for all
  • The      identity of Europe
  • Science,      Society and Ethics

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25 novembre 2010

Agony Aunt: KHAJI Salim



Name: KHAJI Salim

Licence Professionnel Finance


       My name is Salim, I’m 27 years, I’m from souss south of Morocco, I work in Driouch.


            I have serious problems, Frequently related to social relations. But the greatest

of my problems lies in the addiction to travel car_road

a lot with profligate spending of money.

       Yes,I tried it repeatedly to overcome this problem. However, compounded year after year, it became my dream to do a big tour on board the car me more eager for the road. This is my utmost problem of them all.


Can I get rid of it?


Agony Aunt response to Salim

Hello Mr. KHAJI,

      As you know, it is quite obvious that traveling around is inevitably one of the most adorable past-time recreation activities one can ever have. However, if by any circumstances, this habit turns into an addiction, then it becomes a multi-edged socioeconomic'monster' or problem.

     A 'monster' in the sense that everything: a habit, a deed-whatsoever-, even sports, if they are excessively done or practiced, then here we are talking about ADDICTION or MANIA. But, the degree of frequency of such addiction, of course, varies. Nothing compares  to sports addiction or sports mania, if compared to drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or sex addiction.

      Because, if somebody is addicted to such addictions, he or she should immediately check a medical doctor or a psychiatrist to follow a special treatment in the healing journey back to normal.

       On the other hand, your real problem Mr Salim is commuting


, popularly known in French as "La navette". For your records, Mr. Salim believe it or not ?

- There are 128.3 million commuters only in US

So, if we take this number into consideration, we can see clearly the quality of difficulties people throughout the world, but not just in US, face when it comes to the issue of arriving at one's workplace on time; bearing in mind the problematic obstacle(s), such as commuting.

P.S. : I am also addressing License Professionnelle Finance  students to provide us with some advice for our colleague Mr. KHAJI Salim.

Thanks heavy

Agony Aunt

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"Writing" Club




My name is Amina, I’m 22, I’m from Nador Morocco, my school is Kimacs.

My favourite bands are Fnair, Bleu, Nass Elghiwane; my favourite movie stars are Jackie Chan, Karim Abdelaziz, Youssra.

My favourite comedy stars are Adel Imam and Ahmed Helmi. My Favorite movies are twilight, titanic, and Albourtou9ala Almourra. My favourite school subjects are Philosophy, science. In my free time, I cook,  go shopping, and surf in the net.

great work , Amina !

Carry on !

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20 novembre 2010

"Writing" Club

bella  Hi! My name is Yousra. I'm 23. I live in Beni Ansar, Morocco. My favorite movie Stars are Johnny Deep and Meg Ryan. One of my favorite movie is Twilight. I like watching Tennis matches and series. My school is called Kimacs and my favorite school subjects are English and Computer Sciences. In my free time I surf the net, watch Television and read ebooks.

Well done, Youssra !

Go ahead !

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"Writing" Club : Casablanca

Dear teacher hicham


Last week, I was in Casablanca with my friend Sara.


It was fantastic.

We stayed in her flat in central Casablanca.

Sara was a good tourist guide! Every day we do, different activities and we visited many places, I sometimes take pictures of them.

At Casablanca, you can also do, different habits, sports, cooking photographing…

The food here is very good we all help in cooking.

Don’t forget to tell me about the places you visited last week.

Nice work, Soubiha !

Go on !

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07 novembre 2010

Moroccan and Proud

Moroccan and Proud


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Ask Agony Aunt: لديك مشكل؟

Agony Aunt


Hello everybody !
kimacs learners of English , and dear readers where-ever you are,
You guys ! have you got a problem ? Or worried about something, or something that is going on in your mind for some period of time; which is now discomforting you !

PLEASE, feel free to contact us. May be we can offer some advice or help ! Who knows ?
People are meant to be for people, with people, and to people !
No man is an "island" = you definetely CAN NOT live all alone, by yourself.

Got it ? :)

please , text us at this e-mail

Thanx !

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