Morocco as a growing country, is now seeking democracy and equality,to some extent,gives it’s people the right to express their opinions and pullout their rights using different technics and methods,either by peace or by violence,like what happens near our parliament in Rabat.

 The current circumstance in Laayoun in the west of morocco seems in it’s surface as a loyal struggle between people looking for their rights of living in better conditions and finding jobs on one hand,and moroccan authorities which deprive them from their rights and deny their human needs,on the other one.This is actually what the matter is shown as,but what makes the difference in this is the way each one uses to deliver and show his needs.In Rabat,when jobless people try to make their voices heard and show to the public what they really need and what they suffer from,the first thing they see and they have to deal with and endure is the agression of the long queue of carps and auxiliary forces’ members.Despite that, they make their voices heard in a way or an other in a civilized way.

 In Laayoun more than 11 people representing moroccan authority were killed.Some members of auxiliary forces were slayed,other carps were burnt,and the rest were stoned.This in fact has nothing to do with the peace and indulgence we live in in morocco.If so,we may conclude that what happened in Laayoun has nothing to do with a strike to pullout some loyal rights,or with an anger of civilized people seeking their human rights.

 If we analyse the cause in it’s deep details, we observe with no ambiguity that the bloody events which took place in Laayoun incarnate a certain conspiracy in the top of brutality planned by some countries around,and executed by extremist POLISARIO members ready to burn or bomb the whole coutry and kill it’s citizens just to express their needs and ask for their illusive rights.